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Alan Gintzler currently works at the SUNY Downstate Medical Center, State University of New York Downstate Medical Center. Alan does research in Endocrinology, Molecular Biology and Neuroscience. Their most recent publication is 'Plasticity of signaling by spinal estrogen receptor alpha, kappa-opioid receptor and mGluRs over the rat reproductive cycle regulates spinal endomorphin 2 antinociception: relevance of endogenous biased agonism'. He has over 100 publications that have been cited over 4,000 times and his publication H-index is 38. He has been serving as an Editorial Board Member of many reputed journals.

Alan Gintzler_Speaker_iPharma 2019_2nd International Pharmaceutical Conference and Expo

Alan GintzlerDownstate Medical Center,USA

09:30- 10:10

Eliana has her expertise in Food and Drug Law. She has 26 years’ experience in helping international pharmaceutical, health and food companies to gain presence in markets of Latin America and Europe, especially. She has active participation in the harmonization of regulatory affairs process through the organizations that she represents. She has played an active role in setting up Brazil’s Public Health Regulator (ANVISA), organizing the agenda of its first Anvisa’s President in the USA to explore the US especially the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Paho, in December 1998. She is President of the ABPVS a Regulatory Affairs Organization for Brazil and Latin America Countries and Lawyer at Silva de Moraes, Member of the Brazilian Bar Association and The Portugal Bar Association.

Eliana Silva de Moraes_iPharma 2019_Speaker_ 2nd International Pharmaceutical Congress and Expo_ iPharma Congress

Eliana Silva de MoraesFood and Drug Law,Brazil

10:10- 10:40

Pamela is an accomplished Gastrointestinal (GI) and Translational Pharmacologist with extensive experience in Academia and R&D. In R&D her leadership resulted in the discovery and characterization of eluxadoline (Viberzi), which is now a marketed drug for patients with diarrhea-predominant Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS-d). She has received recognition of the impact of her work ( >100 publications), serves on Advisory Boards and is Past-Chair of the Translational & Clinical Pharmacology Division of ASPET. After post-doctoral training (Center for Brain Research, University of Rochester NY, and Department of Pharmacology, Georgetown University Medical School) she built an internationally-recognized laboratory in the neuropharmacology of GI disorders at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center New Orleans, where she rose through the ranks to become Full Professor of Pharmacology. She joined Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research to lead a newly-formed GI Research Team. This resulted in eluxadoline, which was US FDA approved and launched in 2015. In Biotechnology (Centocor) she led incubator-funded initiatives on innovative technology - intestinal electrical stimulation for metabolic disease and engineered protein scaffolds enabling oral delivery of peptides. Currently, she is executing therapeutic strategies to exploit the gut signalling for Metabolic Diseases at Janssen R&D of J&J. As Adjunct Professor in the Dept. Pharmacology and Physiology, Drexel University Medical School she contributes to the educational mission of the College.

Pamela J. Hornby _iPharma 2019_Speaker_ 2nd International Pharmaceutical Congress and Expo_ iPharma Congress

Pamela J. Hornby Janssen R&D, LLC,USA

11:00- 11:20

Dr. Rabah is a leader in drug discovery and early development focusing on drug target identification, mechanistic and translational studies, and the advancement of therapeutic candidates into clinical development. Dr. Rabah is currently the head of the Drug Discovery Incubator at Biogen. She has been with Biogen for over 13 years in roles of increasing scope and responsibility including the Head of the Immuno-pharmacology Group, Head of Immunology Discovery Biomarkers and Head of the New Indications Research Group. In her current role Dr. Rabah leads a drug discovery incubator and accelerator group that has created an innovative pipeline of projects using different modalities (biologics, small molecules, ASO, and gene therapy) in multiple indications. The portfolio spans the entire drug discovery spectrum from early exploratory to Phase II clinical studies. In addition, her group is tasked with incubating emerging disease areas, and developing them into independent research units. Dr. Rabah’s educational training includes a Master’s degree in Immunology from the American University of Beirut, PHD in Microbiology and Immunology from Virginia Commonwealth University/Medical College of Virginia (VCU/MCV), and post-doctoral training at Harvard medical School. .

Dania Rabah_iPharma 2019_Speaker_ 2nd International Pharmaceutical Congress and Expo_ iPharma Congress

Dania RabahBiogen,USA

11:25- 11:45

Dr. Michael Hicks has over 20 years of pharmaceutical research experience with a diversified background ranging from early discovery to pharmaceutical pre-clinical R&D. Dr. Mike started in Analytical Research and Development in 1989 at Merck, received his PhD from Seton Hall University in 1997. He taught an Advanced Biomedical Engineering Graduate Laboratory at the Stevens Institute of Technology as adjunct faculty for ten years. He served as the 2017 Program Director for the Eastern Analytical Symposium and is currently an affiliate member of the EAS Board of Directors. He leads the Analytical Chemistry subteam of the Pharmaceutical Chemistry Roundtable for the ACS Green Chemistry Initiative Global Consortium. He has been working in the Separations Sciences area for over 16 years and is currently in the Analytical Chemistry and Enabling Technologies group in the Analytical R & D Department at Merck Research Labs in Rahway NJ specializing in separations, particularly in supercritical fluid chromatography as well as other large molecule method like size exclusion with multi-angle light scattering.

Michael Brendan Hicks_Speaker_ 2nd International Pharmaceutical Congress and Expo_ iPharma Congress

Michael Brendan HicksMerck & Co.,USA

11:50- 12:10

James Bruno has thirty years of experience in the pharmaceutical and fine chemical market place. He has worked on a global basis to develop commercial processes for the manufacturing of intermediates and API's, develop regulatory strategies for your products. He is the past Chairman of the Rider University, Scientific Advisory Board and past president of Drug Chemical and Associated Technologies. His specialties include Regulatory including PAI and document review, Process Validation, Flow Chemistry and continuous improvements, Global Supply Chain, Plant Audits, Product Management, and Technology Assessments.

James Bruno_iPharma 2019_Speaker_ 2nd International Pharmaceutical Congress and Expo_ iPharma Congress

James Bruno,CapSolutions,USA

12:15- 12:35

Débora Cristina de Oliveira holds a bachelor's degree in Pharmacy and Biochemistry from the State University of Londrina (1991), a Master's Degree in Pharmaceuticals and Medicines from the University of São Paulo in the area of ethylene oxide gas sterilization (2000) and a PhD in Pharmaceuticals and Medicines from the University of São Paulo of plasma sterilization (2007). Has experience in the management of commercial pharmacy, pharmaceutical attention to the patient and implantation of laboratory of manipulation of magisterial and officinal formulas. Additionally, She has experience in the area of Industrial Pharmaceuticals, working in the following segments: controlled areas of sterile drug production, environmental monitoring of controlled areas and training of monitored and controlled production area operators. Currently holds the position of Adjunct Professor I in the Pharmacy and Biochemistry course of the Federal University of São Paulo-UNIFESP, next to the curricular units of Physical and Chemical Quality Control of Medicines and Cosmetics; Biological and Microbiological Quality Control of Medicines and Cosmetics; Scientific methodology.

Débora Cristina de Oliveira_iPharma 2019_Speaker_ 2nd International Pharmaceutical Congress and Expo_ iPharma Congress

Débora Cristina de OliveiraUniversidade Federal de São Paulo,Brazil

13:40- 14:00

Maria Kontoyianni holds a PhD in computational chemistry from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, where she worked under the supervision of Professor Phil Bowen. After a post-doctoral fellowship with Professor Terry Lybrand at the University of Washington, she joined ZymoGenetics, where she used computational methods in support of osteoporosis. She then moved to Research & Development of Fortune 500 companies, such as Johnson & Johnson and Procter & Gamble, applying structure-based design to various therapeutic targets ranging from hit to lead optimization. In her most recent post, she was the Head of Drug Discovery at Crystax, a fragment-based biotechnology firm in Barcelona. She sits on the editorial board of several journals, holds seven patents, is a clinical consultant and panelist for the European Union large scale grant application proposals and NIH.

Maria Kontoyianni_iPharma 2019_Speaker_ 2nd International Pharmaceutical Congress and Expo_ iPharma Congress

Maria KontoyianniSouthern Illinois University Edwardsville,Australia


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Priya Saradha Levstat,USA


Thomas Heinbockel, Ph.D., is Professor in the Department of Anatomy, Howard University College of Medicine, Washington, DC, USA. Dr. Heinbockel’s laboratory engages in multidisciplinary research to elucidate organizational principles of neural systems in the brain, speci?cally the limbic and olfactory system. His research has been directed at understanding brain mechanisms of information processing and their relation to neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders. His lab works also on translational projects, speci?cally, the development of novel anti-epileptic drugs and pharmacotherapeutic treatment options of drug addiction. His lab analyzes drug actions at the epi- and genetic level using next-generation sequencing technology.

 Thomas Heinbockel_Speaker_iPharma 2019_2nd International Pharmaceutical Conference and Expo

Thomas Heinbockel Howard University College of Medicine, USA

14:55- 15:15

Richard L. Wilson_Speaker_iPharma 2019_2nd International Pharmaceutical Conference and Expo

Richard L. WilsonUniversity of Baltimore,USA

15 : 40-16 : 00

Dr. Xiang-Qun (Sean) Xie is an Associate Dean for Research Innovation at School of Pharmacy and a Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences/Drug Discovery Institute, and a PI of an integrated Medicinal Chemistry Biology laboratory of CompuGroup, BioGroup and ChemGroup ( at University of Pittsburgh. He is a member of the Science Advisory Board to the US FDA. He is a Founding Director of Computational Chemical Genomics Screening Center (, and a Director/PI of NIH National Center of Excellence for CDAR ( He holds joint positions at Dept of Computational Biology and Dept of Structural Biology, and Pitt Cancer Institute MT/DD Program. He is an Editorial Advisory Board member for AAPS Journal and American Journal of Molecular Biology, and Associate Editor of BMC Pharmacology Toxicology. 

Xiangqun Xie_Speaker_iPharma 2019_2nd International Pharmaceutical Conference and Expo

Xiangqun XieUniversity of Pittsburgh,USA

16 : 05-16 : 25

Dr. Cai is currently a pharmacokineticist in the Department of Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics (PKPD) at Genentech Inc. He is responsible for providing PKPD and pharmacology expertise to support the development of therapeutic proteins for the indications of multiple immunological and neurological diseases. Prior to his job at Genentech, he received BS in biological sciences from Peking University in 2010, MS in bioengineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2012, and PhD in pharmaceutical sciences from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2016.

Hao Cai_iPharma 2019_Speaker_ 2nd International Pharmaceutical Congress and Expo_ iPharma Congress

Hao CaiGenentech,USA

10:00- 10:20

Paul Lopolito is a technical services senior manager for the Life Sciences Division of STERIS Corporation (Mentor, Ohio). He currently provides global technical support related to critical environment and process research cleaners, which includes field support, site audits, training presentations and educational seminars. Paul has over 20 years of industry experience and has held positions as a technical services manager, manufacturing manager and laboratory manager. He earned a B.A. in Biological Sciences from Goucher College in Towson, MD.

iPharma 2019_Paul Lopolito_Speaker_ 2nd International Pharmaceutical Congress and Expo_ iPharma Congress

Paul LopolitoSTERIS Corporation,USA

10:25- 10:45

For more than two decades, Steve Durham served as an Assistant United States Attorney in Washington, D.C. He was a founding member of the Department of Justice’s Financial Fraud Task Force and Chief of the Fraud and Public Corruption Section. At the DOJ, he supervised 35 white-collar prosecutors and successfully investigated, prosecuted, and supervised hundreds of high-profile cases including United States v. Siemens AG, which resulted in a combined SEC/DOJ settlement of $1.6 billion. He is a graduate of the University of Chicago and Northwestern University School of Law.

Steven J. Durham_iPharma 2019_Speaker_ 2nd International Pharmaceutical Congress and Expo_ iPharma Congress

Steven J. DurhamLabaton Sucharow,USA

11:10- 11:30

Giora Z Feuerstein Received MD (Medicine) and MSc (Pharmacology) degrees from the Hebrew University Medical School, Jerusalem Israel. Dr. Feuerstein proceeded into research career through Fogarty Fellowship Award at the NIH (Bethesda, MD) focused on the roles of the sympathetic and neuropetides transmitters in autonomic stress conditions. In 1981, Dr. Feuerstein joined the USUHS (Bethesda, MD) studying mechanisms associated neuro-injury (Stroke and Neuro-trauma) and reaching the rank of Professor. In 1988, Dr Feuerstein joined the Pharmaceutical industry where he served for 22 years in executive roles leading diverse drug discovery and development programs that culminated in first in class registration of carvedilol for treatment of heart failure, antithrombotic agents and genomic medicine. As VP of Discovery Translational Medicine (Wyeth/Pfizer) Dr. Feuerstein introduced new paradigms for Translational Medicine. In 2011 Dr Feuerstein was recruited by the USG/DoD (HQE) as Chief Technical and Medical Officer of MCM programs. Since 2016, Dr. Feuerstein serves as Chief Science and Medicine officer for Debina Diagnostic Inc., a start-up biotechnology company focused on NanoMedicine diagnostics and Theranostics. Giora published over 730 papers, 15 patents, and awarded FAHA recognition (AHA) and Distinguished Civil Service Medal.

Giora Feuerstein_iPharma 2019_ Speaker_ 2nd International Pharmaceutical Congress and Expo_ iPharma Congress

Giora Feuerstein Debina Diagnostics Inc,USA

11:35- 11:55

Robert P. Bianchi is President and Chief of Scientific and Technical Affairs at Prescription Drug Research Center, USA. He is responsible for category 1 extraction studies, analyses of scientific research involved in drug abuse resistance issues, evaluation of experiments and laboratory analyses of client and competitive drug dosage units. Provide technical support in developing abuse resistant delivery systems for products containing controlled substances. Consulted with many pharmaceutical companies about their delivery system and participated in preparation for an FDA Advisory Committee meeting, as well as facilitated meetings with the DEA to discuss project status.

Robert P. Bianchi_iPharma 2019_Speaker_ 2nd International Pharmaceutical Congress and Expo_ iPharma Congress

Robert P. BianchiPrescription Drug Research Center (PDRC),USA

12:05- 12:25

Mustafa has 14 years of industrial and 10 years academic research experience in medicinal chemistry with increased responsibilities and various positions at pharmaceutical companies (ArQule, TransTech Pharma Inc., vTv Therapeutics) as well as in academic institutions. He is currently an Associate Professor of Medical Pharmacology at the Istanbul Medipol University and in this role, he collaborates with a wide range of investigators to develop drugs for targeted molecules in the areas of cancer, neurodegenerative disease, diabetes, and obesity.

Mustafa Guzel_iPharma 2019_ Speaker_ 2nd International Pharmaceutical Congress and Expo_ iPharma Congress

Mustafa GuzelIstanbul Medipol University,Turkey

12:30- 12:50

Leonora V Autus-Geniston has completed her PhD from University of Santo Tomas. She is the Officer of United Bayanihan Foundation and an Assistant Professor at Saint Paul University–Quezon City, Philippines. She has published several papers in reputed journals on proteomics and pharmacogenomics, specifically on SNPs on drug metabolizing enzymes among Filipinos. She received the Best Poster Award in Health Science from National Academy of Science and Technology (Philippines) on “Method Development of nanoLC-MS/MS for Identification of Protein Biomarkers in the Urinary Proteomes of Prostate Cancer” and Best Poster in Penang, Malaysia on “Protective Effects of Thiamin on Genotoxicity in Mice”..

Leonora V Autus-Geniston_iPharma 2019_Speaker_ 2nd International Pharmaceutical Congress and Expo_ iPharma Congress

Leonora V Autus-GenistonUnited Bayanihan Foundation,Philippines

14:00- 14:20

Jijun Hao is an Associate Professor at Western University of Health Sciences, Pomona, CA, USA, His current research mainly focuses on chemical approaches for stem cell/iPS cell cardiomyogenesis, zebrafish-based drug screening, and cancer biology.

Jijun Hao_iPharma 2019_Speaker_ 2nd International Pharmaceutical Congress and Expo_ iPharma Congress

Jijun HaoWestern University of Health Sciences,USA


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Mohmaad Qattan_iPharma 2019_Speaker_ 2nd International Pharmaceutical Congress and Expo_ iPharma Congress

Weam Qattan Ministry of the National Guard Health Affairs,Saudi Arabia

14:50- 15:05

Abstract: Biomolecules like saponins have distinct role in lipid metabolism, cell regulation and anticancer signaling. They possess unique surface activity (amphipathic behavior) that often hinders their processing from natural sources. Here, we deployed this behavior as vital tool for its segregation from crude extract via selective enrichment in emulsion’s monolayer, as described in TC Obasi et al., 2017. Our preliminary experiments resulted to increased yield of saponins from S. longipedunculata above 80%. MTT Assay revealed a 59 fold cytotoxicity selectivity by relevant TLC fraction against Caski than normal fibroblast (HFL-1) cell line. RT-qPCR gene expression, supported the signaling of apoptosis via AKT-3, MCL-1 and BCL2L1 inhibition. Our major goal therefore, was to identify, isolate and characterize these compounds responsible for antitumor activity.

Titus Obasi_iPharma 2019_Speaker_ 2nd International Pharmaceutical Congress and Expo_ iPharma Congress

Titus ObasiFaculty of Pharmacy,Romania

15:35- 15:55

Dr. Belong Cho is a professor of family medicine of Seoul National University College of Medicine. His major interests lie on the health promotion and chronic disease management. He has written many books such as ‘Primary care physician for my family’, ‘Male Menopause’, ‘Medical information for Chronic Care’ etc. He is a member of the advisory board for the ‘Ministry of Health’, ‘National Health insurance service’ and ‘Center for Disease Control’ for chronic disease care. His last research papers are : Effects of an integrated health education and elastic band resistance training program on physical function and muscle strength in community-dwelling elderly women: HAHA II study), Enhancing physical activity and reducing obesity through smartcare and financial incentives: A pilot randomized trial, Performance on physical function tests and the risk of fractures and admissions: Findings from a national health screening of 557,648 community-dwelling older adults.

Belong Cho _iPharma 2019_Speaker_ 2nd International Pharmaceutical Congress and Expo_ iPharma Congress

Belong Cho Seoul National University College of Medicine,South Korea


Abstract: Immunotherapy has emerged as a potent treatment strategy for the treatment of HPV-associated malignancies. Radiotherapy has demonstrated potent antigen-specific CD8+ T cell-mediated antitumor immune responses in preclinical models and is currently being tried in clinical trials. The higher number of immune cells in the site of lesion is closely associated with good prognosis. Granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor (GMCSF) has been reported to provide the ability to induce accumulation of antigen presentation cells and CD8+ T cells. Therefore, in the current study, we utilized a combination of radiotherapy with local GMCSF application in the TC-1 tumor model.

Jinhwi Kim_iPharma Congress 2019, USA

Jinhwi KimCatholic University of Korea,Korea


Abstract: Changes in the gene expressions are often observed due to epigenetic modifications that significantly influence cancer development, growth, and progression. The main epigenetic modifications observed in human are methylation and acetylation. In this regard, several histone deacetylase inhibitors (HDACi) such as SAHA (Vorinostat) are in clinical trials as a new class of drugs with promising effects on the cancer growth and metastatic process. The molecular mechanism whereby HDACi can induce cell cycle arrest in cancer cells and trigger apoptosis, necrosis or necroptosis is still evolving. On the other hand, a newly developed small molecule known as RG7388 is a specific inhibitor for an oncogene-derived protein called MDM2, which is also in clinical trials for the treatment of a wide range of cancers. We tested the effects of individual drug treatments as well as the combination treatments with SAHA + RG7388, using the MCF-7 breast cancer cells and LNCaP prostate cancer cells.

Uma Maheshwari_iPharma 2019_Speaker_ 2nd International Pharmaceutical Congress and Expo_ iPharma Congress

Uma MaheshwariVRR Institute of Biomedical Sciences, India